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It’s A Shame

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Lord Take Me

Single • 2022


I’m originally from Shepherdsville, Ky where I was raised by my parents Scott and Stephanie Heltsley along with my two sisters Taylor and Halee. I graduated from North Bullitt Highschool in 2014 which is where I found out that I loved to write. After highschool I joined the Navy which is where I found music. I had become friends with some guys on my ship that were musicians. They inspired me to take the step out of my comfort zone and start performing. Growing up my parents were always listening to music. My mom would listen to Prince, Joan Jette and the 90’s country hits. My dad was always listening to grunge/rock bands like Alice in Chains, Staind,etc. Since I got out of the Navy in 2019 I’ve been pursuing music as a career. February of 2022 I made the jump to Nashville and have been living here and recording with my team. August of 2022 I had my first single release for “Lord Take Me” and more to come.


Mason Lanius
(615) 887-6149


Firebird sounds | Paula Hersom
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